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PHP 3.0.6 has been released!

Merry Christmas! 3.0.6 is ready to go. This is mostly a maintenance release. Some new modules make their first apperance in this version. Support for Adobe PDF and FDF as well as XML and an initial Interbase module are now available. If you need any of these features, or if you see something in the ChangeLog that might apply to you, then upgrade.

PHP/MySQL ... Two great things that go great together Combination win

"The substance of the Web is more and more residing in databases, and there are a variety of methods used to generate Web pages. This year, we selected a pair of "free software" tools that work together quite nicely as a platform for building dynamic content. The award is also a tribute to the Open Source initiative; both products are used, developed and supported by interlocking communities of people on the Net."

PHP 3.0 Released

PHP 3.0 is finally here! After 10 months of development PHP Version 3.0 is ready for production environments. Coupled with the release of the final version of Apache-1.3.0 today, the combination provides an unbeatable web hosting platform suitable for both small and large web sites.

PHP 3.0 is the latest evolution of the PHP/FI 2.0 language and it offers some dramatic enhancements. It is more than twice as fast, it uses less memory, it has a more consistent language implementation and a much wider set of expressions and language features than PHP/FI 2.0. An included conversion program will help you migrate your PHP 2 scripts to PHP 3.

Read the full anouncement.

PHP Meaning Vote

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor was chosen as the official meaning of the PHP acronym with 53% of the votes. The possible options were PHP HTML|Hypermedia|Hypertext Preprocesor.

New Look

The PHP site has been given a serious facelift recently. The design is courtesy of Colin Viebrock at Private World Communications. Please let us know of any problems with the site by sending a message to the webmasters.

Bug Database Live

Report or check on bugs in the PHP 3 Bug Database.

The Mars Polar Lander and PHP

[03-Dec-1999] It is scheduled to land on Mars at 12:14 PM Pacific time December 3 and PHP is helping to bring the experience to the world. The web site is powered by a combination of PHP, MySQL and Perl scripts. There is an architecture description here. This architecture document doesn't say very much about PHP other than the fact that PHP is used as the Web scripting language, but it has an interesting description of how they built a large scaleable system and it proves nicely that PHP is up to the task of being part of such a large-scale deployment.

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