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Mailing Lists

There are many PHP-related mailing lists available on our server. Most of them are archived, and all of them are available as newsgroups on our news server. You can search some mailing lists right from this website from the search page or by using the search input box selecting the appropriate option on the top-right of every page.

There is an experimental web interface for the news server at http://news.php.net/, and there are also other archives provided by Marc.

Posting guidelines

When posting to mailing lists or newsgroups, please keep the following in mind:

  • Use a valid email address. Every new poster's email address is checked for validity through confirmation.
  • Send plain ASCII messages, no HTML-formatted emails please.
  • Turn on word wrapping so your entire message doesn't show up on a single line.
  • Be sure to click Reply-All to reply to list. Clicking Reply will email the author of the message privately.
  • No attachments please, just post a URL if you want someone to look at something.
  • Don't GPG/PGP sign your messages. If you want people to be able to send you encrypted email, stick your key-locator in your signature
  • Don't hijack other peoples' threads. To post on a new topic, start a new message, don't reply and just change the subject.
  • Check the archives before posting a question, chances are it has already been asked and answered a few times.
  • When asking a question, don't just tell us, "it doesn't work". Tell us what you are trying to accomplish, a short code snippet showing how you tried to solve it, what you expected to get and what you got instead.

And make sure you have read our Mailinglist Rules.

General Mailing Lists

General mailing lists for PHP usersModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
Announcements of new PHP releases are sent to this very low-volume list
yesn/ayes httpn/a
General user list
This is a high volume list for general PHP support; ask PHP questions here
noyesyes http
Windows PHP users list
Using PHP on Microsoft Windows
noyesyes http
Subject specific lists for PHP usersModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
Installation issues and problems
How to install PHP with particular configurations and servers
noyesyes http
Databases and PHP
This list is for the discussion of PHP database topics
noyesyes http
Unicode and Internationalization
Unicode support, Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n) issues and features
noyesyes http
PHP evangelism mailing list
A list for people interested in promoting PHP and learning good reasons to support PHP in the enterprise
yesyesyes http
List for the SOAP developers
non/ayes httpn/a
Non-English language mailing listsModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
Spanish PHP Mailing list
List for Spanish speaking people interested in PHP
non/ayes httpn/a

Internals Mailing Lists

PHP and Zend Engine internals listsModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
Internals list
A medium volume list for those who want to help out with the development of PHP
noyesyes http
Windows Internals list
A low volume list for those who want to help out with the development of PHP on Windows
non/ayes http
Git commit list
All commits to internals (php-src) and the Zend Engine are posted to this list automatically
yesyesyes httpn/a
Daily Git commit summary
Daily changelog and NEWS file updates
Git pull requests
Pull requests from Github
non/ayes httpn/a
Quality Assurance list
List for the members of the PHP-QA Team
noyesyes httpn/a
PDO Developmental list
Discuss the past, present and future of PDO
non/ayes http
PHP internal website mailing listsModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
PHP php.net internal infrastructure discussion
List for discussing and maintaining the php.net web infrastructure.
For general PHP support questions, see "General Mailing Lists" or the support page
non/ayes httpn/a
PHP documentation mailing listsModeratedArchiveNewsgroupNormalDigest
Documentation discussion
List for discussing the PHP documentation
noyesyes httpn/a
Documentation changes and commits
Changes to the documentation are posted here
yesyesyes httpn/a
Documentation bugs
Documentation bug activity (translations, sources, and build system) are posted here
yesyesyes httpn/a


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Warning: The PHP users mailing list gets close to 1500-2000 messages per month currently. Do the math. That translates to about 60 messages per day. If your mailbox can't handle this sort of traffic you might want to consider subscribing to the digest list instead (two messages per day), using the news server, or reading the mailing list using the archives.

Mailing list options

All of the mailing lists hosted at lists.php.net are managed using the ezmlm-idx mailing list software. There are a variety of commands you can use to modify your subscription. Either send a message to [email protected] (as in, [email protected]) or you can view the commands for ezmlm here.